The Casina della Burraia is located on the Casentino side of the Alpe di Catenaia. The mountainous complex is made up of Mount Filetto, Mount Altuccia and Mount Castello, and divides the Casentino from the upper Valtiberina. Over the centuries, the mountain has always been crossed by trade and exchanges between the two valleys, this has left us a dense network of paths and mule tracks that cover the whole mountain and make its unspoiled nature accessible with horseback riding, walking and mountain biking. Since the Middle Ages it has been crossed by pilgrims who walked the Via Romea Germanica and after a few centuries it has seen the frequent passages of St. Francis on the path that went from Assisi to its most famous sanctuary, La Verna, passing through the Eremo Della Casella . More recently, bloody pages of liberation from the German invaders were written in the woods of Catenaia during the Second World War. The Nazis had passed a defense line (Karin line) which was part of the complex of the fortifications of the Gothic Line across the mountain. All the fights have been patiently reconstructed through diaries and war dispatches by the boys of the Karin association, who after a very valid archaeological research and rediscovery work have collected numerous finds that can be viewed in their museum in Subbiano, or reliving them in the spectacular re-enactments that they organize themselves. Walking in the beech and oak woods of the alp you can meet roe deer, wild boar, porcupines, badgers, deer and wolves. An uncontaminated nature that involves the visitor and brings him back to slower rhythms more in line with our well-being but unfortunately forgotten today.