Our restart and security adjustments

After these three months of stopping the tourist season, our desire to leave is great. We carried on the agricultural part of the Casina (the animals eat every day and the things to do in the vegetable garden, however, do not wait), but our hospitality had to stop obligatorily. Now that it is possible to leave, we are looking forward but the safety of our guests and those who work is in the first place. Precisely for this reason we had to make some changes to our way of doing farm holidays. The first thing we paid attention to is of course the layout of our dining room!

Fortunately, the large spaces we have available help us, but we have sacrificed the convivial table to the covid … We have created separate tables for each room, at a distance of more than 2 meters from each other, inside the living room. Upon request, we can also prepare a single table in the reading room for those who need to remain even more secluded. We will also use the enchanting outdoor space we have to set up outdoor dining tables. Obviously sanitizing gels are available and we will organize the activities in order to guarantee customers the correct social distancing.

Our characteristic of being isolated in the woods will give a big hand to have a wider freedom. The possibility of taking walks in deserted paths and open spaces will make it comfortable to manage the relationship with the beloved hated mask even in the hottest months, giving everyone the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air from this complicated period.